Man Who Spent Career Delivering Babies Saved by One

  Retaining the cord blood from newborns is saving lives. The news is welcome as cord blood contains stem cells that have been used for the treatment of more than 80 diseases, including leukemia. It is much easier than bone marrow transplants because it has nowhere near the same degree of tissue matching. Additionally, the […] Read more

Can Scientists Cure the Blind?

That is the question being asked today after it was discovered scientists may have developed a technique to recreate human corneas involving the use of limbal stem cells. These stem cells are necessary for good eyesight. This new process could help numerous people who have lost their sight. It has been tested on mice, and […] Read more

Exciting New Initiatives: Stem Cell Transplants

A new treatment involving a stem-cell transplant between siblings could cure sickle cell disease. This has the potential to help tens of thousands of people around the world, while also decreasing the dependency on immunosuppressant drugs and narcotics. Sickle cell disease is predominately found in people of African descent. Read the full story here: