Wombs2Rent: French Give Thumbs Down

French opposition to womb renting (the exploitation of vulnerable women as surrogate mothers) has brought together allies from across the political spectrum, but not just in France itself. We recommend that you access the following links to read the distaste and negativity this lamentable exploitation of women has elicited in France, followed by statements of […] Read more

UK Government Report Published Today Ignores National and International Opposition to 3-Parent Embryos

By: Josephine Quintavalle Despite major public opposition to the creation of 3-parent embryos, the Department of Health’s Response to the recent UK consultation on Mitochondrial Donation is overwhelmingly supportive. Of the 1,816 individual responses, 1,152 opposed the introduction of the new regulations and perhaps half of the group responses were also not supportive, but the […] Read more

Destruction in the Game of Life

A report has been released by the Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority on the adverse effects of in vitro fertilisation (IVF). It cites more than 1,600 incidents have occurred from 2010-2012. This means anywhere between 500-600 cases are being investigated every year in relation to IVF. The incidents are broken down into 3 classes– A, B, and […] Read more

No Appointment Necessary for Abortion Approval, Just Skype In

A new guideline by the Department of Health allows women to receive abortion approval via a Skype or phone call. It would no longer be necessary for a patient to physically visit her doctor before the physician authorises the woman to go ahead with the abortion. CORE founder Josephine Quintavalle was interviewed by The Telegraph and believes […] Read more

Pregnancy and Abortion on the Rise in 40-Year-Olds

The number of women having abortions is on the rise among those in their 40s. Because of mixed messages surrounding fertility, many women stop using contraception in their late 30s and early 40s, believing they are unable to become pregnant. This has led to an increase in abortions among this age group in the past […] Read more

Three-Parent Embryos A Distortion of Nature

The BBC recently asked a number of highly qualified individuals to give their viewpoint on three-parent embryos. CORE founder Josephine Quintavalle was one of those people. She underlines the fact that the technique of bringing together three different individuals to create an embryo completely distorts nature and should not be permitted. Read her full opinion […] Read more