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Sympathy for natallie in unjust embryo custody case

Natallie Evans was distraught after the European Court ruled that her right to become a mother did not outweigh Mr Johnston’s right not to become the father of her children, in an embryo custody case which has been in the public arena now for some years. ‘We are deeply saddened and perplexed by the absurdity […] Read more

Interspecies embryos get green light from sc & tech committee

‘No surprises in the Science and Technology Report on animal/human hybrids,’ said Josephine Quintavalle, Director of Comment on Reproductive Ethics. ‘As expected, the report is simply pages of whole-hearted enthusiasm for unrestricted research with little concern for the broader ethical considerations, and barely a gesture towards world opinion on this highly contentious issue. ‘With no […] Read more

£250 to die for? HFEA has a duty to patients not to science

It appears likely that the HFEA will endorse payment for human egg collection specifically for research purposes, following their September 2006 consultation, ‘Donating eggs for research: safeguarding donors’. The sum proposed is £250, significantly less than the value in kind available with the cut-price IVF scheme for sharing which the HFEA has already licensed. ‘Safeguarding […] Read more

Thank you, Sir Richard. Cord blood stem cells, yes!

Sir Richard Branson has announced today that he is launching a public-private umbilical cord banking initiative, which will greatly increase the availability of the extremely valuable stem cells which can be obtained after the birth of a child. Contrary to the comments that continue to appear in the media, CORE, like the majority of pro-life […] Read more

When responsible genetics turns into irresponsible eugenics

A comment in this week’s New Scientist (Nov 4) by Paul Billings, Professor of Anthropology at the University of California and Chair of the Council for Responsible Genetics in Cambridge, Massachusetts, ostensibly analysing Proposition 71 (California’s Stem Cell Research and Cures Act), concludes with the spine-chilling sentence: ‘If the new laws result in one woman […] Read more

Stem cells might cause brain tumors, study finds

Injecting human embryonic stem cells into the brains of Parkinson’s disease patients may cause tumors to form, U.S. researchers reported on Sunday. Steven Goldman and colleagues at the University of Rochester Medical Center in New York said human stem cells injected into rat brains turned into cells that looked like early tumors. Writing in the […] Read more

One embryo transfer per IVF cycle?

Women undergoing routine IVF in the UK should only have one embryo implanted, fertility experts have recommended. Current practice is to transfer two embryos into the womb during treatment. According to the group, the new proposal will drastically reduce the rate of multiple births, which are dangerous for both babies and mothers. CORE welcomes this […] Read more

Cord blood

NHS maternity units should discourage commercial banking of umbilical cord blood, argues a senior doctor in the British Medical Journal. Instead, women should be encouraged to donate altruistically to public blood banks. Cord blood banks generally fall into two groups. Public banks collect cord blood which has been altruistically donated. The blood is used to […] Read more