Press Releases

Newcastle hybrids – Unpalatable April foolishness

Claims that hybrid embryos have been created using eggs from cows ovaries collected from the local abattoir were released today in a flurry of headline grabbing on the part of Newcastle University. According to the BBC coverage Dr Lyle Armstrong created animal-human embryos using cow eggs and adult skin cells, which lived for three days. […] Read more

Embryos created from the dead?

We no longer make proper law in the UK; we prefer to make exceptions. A letter from the UK Government, to clarify issues of consent raised during the recent debates on the Human Fertilisation & Embryology Bill, has been circulated to the House of Lords this week. It shows a wretched weakening of position in […] Read more

Opposition to artificial gametes

The position of CORE regarding the creation of artificial gametes, in respect to the legislation currently before the UK Parliament, is total opposition. A comment made earlier this year when CORE suggested that a ‘case could be made’ for such treatment, was a hypothetical statement and not intended as our policy on the matter. We […] Read more

Monkeying around with the facts – Latest cloning hype

Press Release – Comment on Reproductive Ethics – 15 November 2007 Monkeying around with the facts – latest cloning hype ‘Cloning stories always get the UK science media over-excited,’ said Josephine Quintavalle on behalf of Comment on Reproductive Ethics, ‘but some in their enthusiasm for promoting the technological imperative at the expense of the ethical, […] Read more

Government response to joint committee on the human tissue and embryos bill : The good, the bad and the even worse

The Government has today published its response to the Joint Committee’s Scrutiny of the Human Tissue and Embryology (HTE) Bill, and as expected there is nothing to be happy about. Not all bad, of course, but the positives are both few and unconvincing. The Government’s response expresses generic enthusiasm for greater engagement with the public […] Read more

Grandfather to father his ‘grandchild’

A fertility clinic in London has decided it is acceptable to offer IVF to a couple where the husband’s father, aged 72, will provide the sperm donation. Any child who was born as a result would be the half-brother or sister of the social father and the biological offspring of the social grandfather. ‘The instinctive […] Read more

HFEA unanimously approves animal/human embryos: UK slips further down the slippery slope

Hiding behind the term ‘cytoplasmic hybrid research’, rather than declaring honestly that what they would actually authorise is the creation of animal/human hybrid embryos, the Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority (HFEA) has once again shocked the world with its libertarian approach to research on the embryo. Not one single member of the HFEA committee dissented […] Read more