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PGD decision time at the HFEA

No surprises from the HFEA in today’s decision to permit exclusion and non-disclosure testing, and to deregulate later onset, lower penetrance conditions. The relevant regulations governing pre-implantation genetic diagnosis become yet more permissive. As CORE correctly anticipated last week, the Authority has re-stated its official position that discarding healthy embryos is entirely permissible if it […] Read more

Viable mice from induced pluripotent stem cells? Pros and cons

Articles appeared today in ‘Nature’ and ‘Cell Stem Cell’ reporting the creation of generations of mice using reprogrammed skin tissue from adult mice by two different teams of Chinese researchers (*). There were abnormalities in the first generation of offspring but these seem to have disappeared in subsequent generations. The novelty of this process, which […] Read more

Of frozen mice and men

Frozen mice and men … The recent news that scientists have been able to clone mice using brain tissue frozen 16 years ago, produced a ‘Daily Mail’ front page, entitled ‘Cloning from the Grave’. ( The day was spent deliberating whether we could recreate woolly mammoths and other extinct animals, and accusing those who worried […] Read more

Gordon Brown’s suicide mission

Gordon Brown’s suicide mission as he distances himself from public opinion 1. Brown on stem cells Given all the other problems he has to face in his precarious leadership of the Labour Party one can almost understand why Gordon Brown hasn’t got his head around the science of stem cells and has simply swallowed the […] Read more

Hybrid debate – public prefers ethical alternatives

New poll – Gordon Brown risks further unpopularity by pressing ahead with controversial Bill A new ComRes poll commissioned on behalf of CORE (Comment on Reproductive Ethics) released today shows that almost eight in ten people (77%) believe that the Government risks making itself more unpopular if it forces the controversial Human Fertilisation and Embryology […] Read more