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By Laura Gotti Tedeschi Obstetrician Michel Odent, who has been in charge of about 15,000 hospital births in France, warns on the New Scientist of this month that the culture around childbirth is robbing women of their capacity to give birth unassisted. Most women today need to be assisted in hospitals by midwives, doctors and partners which may well […] Read more

Controversial Therapy : ‘Three-Parent Embryos’

Gretchen Vogel in SCIENCE, 21 February, 2014, explores the ethics of creating a child using DNA from three adult sources (mother, father, egg donor). CORE is totally opposed to the proposed experiments but we recommend this article as the science is explained in very accessible language and the ethical dilemmas are presented in an […] Read more

From saviour sibling to saviour embryo in 7 easy pages

A  philosopher, Robert Sparrow, and a stem cell scientist, David Cram, from Monash University in Victoria, Australia, in the May edition of Reproductive Medicine Online argue the case for  ‘Saviour embryos?  Preimplantation genetic diagnosis as a therapeutic technology.’ (*) Reading this title quickly you might question what is new in this proposal.  Read it again […] Read more

Animal-human hybrids: It makes sense to say no

A group of UK scientists held a press conference in London this week, expressing rage that their licence applications, asking to be allowed to clone embryos combining animal eggs with human tissue, were unlikely to be granted. Readers of The Times, London, would be under the impression that no one but religious groups and opponents […] Read more

Nuffield consultation – CORE response

CORE submitted to the Nuffield Consultation on Premature Baby Decisions. We suggested in particular that much more should be invested in avoiding premature birth in the first place. The risks of multiple birth and prematurity following multiple embryo transfer have been addressed recently by the HFEA, but the correlation between significant prematurity in births subsequent […] Read more

Recent advances in adult stem cell research

OVERALL SUCCESSES ‘Optimal construct determined for generation of muscle-derived stem cells,’ BioNews, September 14, 2005, STEM CELL SOURCES ‘Cytori Therapeutics demonstrates adipose-derived adult stem and regenerative cells enhance cardiac function in preclinical study,’ Genetic Engineering News, September 12, 2005, CORD BLOOD ‘Israeli stem cell research shows umbilical cord blood can rejuvenate damaged heart tissue,’ Israel21c, […] Read more