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European lawmakers slam UK over three-parent embryos

European legislators have criticised a British government proposal which would, for the first time in the world, allow the creation of human embryos with three parents. Members of the Council of Europe’s parliamentary assembly expressed their opposition by signing a declaration. [Telegraph and Care] CORE said: “We are absolutely delighted that this Declaration against germline […] Read more

event on the ethics of genetic testing, London

The organisers of this British Library event ask: “how far should we go in the quest for a ‘perfect’ baby?”. Chair: Dr Tom Shakespeare, University of East Anglia. Speakers: Dr Joyce Harper, UCL Centre for Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis Nick Meade, Genetic Alliance UK Professor Rosamund Scott, King’s College London Dr Alan Thornhill, Guys and St Thomas’ Assisted […] Read more

Down’s reversed in newborn mice

US researchers experimented on the Ts65Dn mouse which “recapitulates some major brain structural and behavioral phenotypes of [Down’s syndrome]”. They found that “a single treatment of newborn mice with the Sonic hedgehog pathway agonist SAG 1.1 (SAG) result[ed] in normal cerebellar morphology in adults.” [Science, volume 5, issue 201] If such postnatal therapy could be administered […] Read more

egg-sale ban in California to continue

Women in California will continue to be banned from selling their eggs to researchers after the governor vetoed a measure which would have allowed the practice. [Los Angeles Times] Josephine Quintavalle of CORE said: “As one of the founder members of a coalition called Hands Off Our Ovaries, CORE congratulates Governor Brown and all those […] Read more

twins to be subject of embryology conference

Twins, multiple pregnancies and multiple births in relation to genetics, fertility treatment and early development will be the subject of the Progress Educational Trust’s annual conference in London on 4 December. Participants will include Jane Denton, Jane Fisher, Dr Jane Hurst, Dr Yacoub Khalaf, James Lawford Davies, Professor Scott Nelson, Sarah Norcross, Professor Marcus Pembrey, Professor […] Read more