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British scientists are seeking permission to create animal-human hybrids by fusing human cells with rabbit eggs. If granted consent, the team will attempt to produce embryos in order to derive stem cells that carry genetic defects. Scientists plan to remove the nuclei from animal eggs and replace them with human cells, leading to part-human, part-animal […] Read more

Arresting embryos

Stem cells from dead embryos, claims Miodrag Stojkovic Following fast in the wake of Robert Lanza’s claim that it is possible to obtain stem cells from human embryos in an ethically acceptable way, human cloner Dr Miodrag Stojkovic, formerly of Newcastle University, claims that he too has derived a stem cell line in a way […] Read more

Umbilical stem cells may aid lung research

Researchers at the University of Minnesota have derived stem cells from umbilical cord blood that can be differentiated into lung cells. It is the first time human stem cells have been differentiated into a cell called the Type II Alveolar, which helps stabilize the lungs while breathing. Professor David McKenna, Assistant Professor of Lab Medicine […] Read more

Recent advances in adult stem cell research

OVERALL SUCCESSES ‘Optimal construct determined for generation of muscle-derived stem cells,’ BioNews, September 14, 2005, STEM CELL SOURCES ‘Cytori Therapeutics demonstrates adipose-derived adult stem and regenerative cells enhance cardiac function in preclinical study,’ Genetic Engineering News, September 12, 2005, CORD BLOOD ‘Israeli stem cell research shows umbilical cord blood can rejuvenate damaged heart tissue,’ Israel21c, […] Read more

A feminist colloquium on reprotechnology

Feminist authors discuss modern reprotech, the physical risks to the female body, and broader sociological concerns on 3 May 2006 in the European Parliament, Room ASP 1A2, Brussels. Registration recommended but no fee for conference. Please register by post, telephone or email. CORE PO Box 4593 London SW3 6XE UK Tel: 0044 207 581 2623 […] Read more