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Cut price rates for sperm donation

  The Daily Mail and MailOnline have given massive coverage to the news that the Department of Health has donated £77,000 to fund a national sperm bank which will be based in Birmingham, aiming to recruit 1000 sperm donors within the next 3 years.   The National Gamete Donation Trust is apparently setting […] Read more

Controversial Therapy : ‘Three-Parent Embryos’

Gretchen Vogel in SCIENCE, 21 February, 2014, explores the ethics of creating a child using DNA from three adult sources (mother, father, egg donor). CORE is totally opposed to the proposed experiments but we recommend this article as the science is explained in very accessible language and the ethical dilemmas are presented in an […] Read more

RCOG blatantly endorses status quo of UK Abortion Law in Government commissioned reports

RCOG blatantly endorses status quo of UK Abortion Law in Government commissioned reports Two reports, commissioned by the Government in relationship to abortion were published last week by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) on ‘Fetal Awareness’ and ‘Termination of Pregnancy for Fetal Abnormality’ (*). CORE works with many colleagues nationally and internationally […] Read more

Let’s not dirty our hands with social sex selection

Prof Stephen Wilkinson, from Keele University, has published a controversial article supporting social sex selection on the BBC site, ‘Scrubbing Up’. Wilkinson argues that it is time to lift the prohibition in the United Kingdom on using assisted reproductive methods to identify and choose the sex of one’s child for social reasons.  In a […] Read more

From saviour sibling to saviour embryo in 7 easy pages

A  philosopher, Robert Sparrow, and a stem cell scientist, David Cram, from Monash University in Victoria, Australia, in the May edition of Reproductive Medicine Online argue the case for  ‘Saviour embryos?  Preimplantation genetic diagnosis as a therapeutic technology.’ (*) Reading this title quickly you might question what is new in this proposal.  Read it again […] Read more

Egg Raffle – Donor Regret Stories

The offer of free egg donor IVF to one lucky participant at a meeting in London this week has hit the headlines worldwide. CORE has commented on the vulnerability of the women selling their eggs and recommends that you read the attached witness statement from a woman seriously affected by the process, and which was […] Read more

From the journals

Clinics Using Embryos for Target Practice The number of procedures required for a trainee to reach proficiency in embryo-transfer is unknown. A new study* attempted to determine the learning curve of embryo-transfer by monitoring the pregnancy rates (PR) per transfer, carried out by five trainees. A PR of 40% was chosen to define adequate performance, […] Read more