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  • Comment on Reproductive Ethics (CORE) was founded in 1994 by Josephine Quintavalle and Margaret Nolan. It is a public interest group focusing on ethical dilemmas surrounding human reproduction, particularly the new technologies of assisted conception.
    CORE aims to facilitate informed and balanced debate, to involve lay people in discussion of the issues involved, to encourage the broader participation of philosophers, theologians and social scientists in dialogue, and, where necessary, to bring about democratic reform to the legislation controlling these practices.
    Absolute respect for the human embryo is a principal tenet. Of particular concern to CORE are matters relating to the physical and psychological welfare of children born from these various practices.
    CORE has been involved in conferences, Parliamentary briefings, and lobbying against human cloning, and has been involved at the European level in debates on stem cell science. Most recently CORE has been involved at an international level in exploring women’s rights and welfare in the field of oocyte harvesting and trading.
    CORE works on a network basis without formal membership and has a contact base of around 1,500 people, representing supportive, neutral and opposing viewpoints. Donations are always welcome. The group is directed by Josephine Quintavalle, with a number of post-graduate students providing research assistance. CORE benefits from an ad hoc advisory team headed by Prof. John Haldane (St. Andrews University) and includes:

    • Prof. John Keown (Kennedy Institute, Georgetown)
    • Dr. Jacqueline Laing (London Guildhall University)
    • Dr. David Prentice (Center for Clinical Bioethics, Washington D.C.)
    • Dr. Agneta Sutton (University of Chichester)
    • Dr. Helen Watt (Linacre Centre for Healthcare Ethics).