February 2015

Feb 14, 1961: it all started with the first eggs donation

By: Josephine Quintavalle In 1961 on this day the first human eggs were fertilised in a test tube according to The Scotsman. http://www.scotsman.com/news/on-this-day-human-eggs-fertilised-in-a-test-tube-1-3689181 That is how it all started and why we are trying to stop the creation of 3-parent embryos today. Please do continue to send links to anybody you know, especially if they […] Read more

More opposition to 3-parent embryo experiments

In The Mail – Good Health pages today (Feb 10, 2015) Professor Christopher Exley, Professor in Bioinorganic Chemistry at Keele University  gives a critique of the proposals to create 3-parent embryos.  He suggests there has been serious over-simplification of the risks involved. He strongly opposes the proposals on the basis that it is a scientific […] Read more

3-parent embryo: italian scientists against the technique

In the italian newspaper “Avvenire” (Feb 5, 2015), scientists warn about the risks of 3-parent embryo IVF technique: “It is not a therapy, and obviously commercial interests are prevailing over ethical values”. Click the link below to read the article: http://www.avvenire.it/Vita/Pagine/Figli-di-tre-genitori-genetisti-contrari.aspx


  CLICK HERE TO SIGN THE PETITION The human embryo is one of us from the moment of conception and as such is worthy of absolute respect. We urge your Government and all worldwide to reject outright any attempts to authorize in any form whatsoever germline genetic modification of the human embryo, but specifically in […] Read more