Tragic Mix-Up in Rome IVF Clinic

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It would be beyond the wisdom of King Solomon to unravel and resolve a colossal IVF mishap that has been exposed in an IVF clinic in Rome.

A woman is expecting twins from embryos that were implanted by mistake during IVF treatment, and are not genetically related to her husband and herself. The true genetic parents of these embryos are demanding that the resulting twins should be handed to them at birth.

This would mean that the gestating (but not genetic) mother would be deemed a surrogate, but surrogacy is absolutely prohibited under Italian law, and in any case the ‘surrogate’ couple have declared their intention to keep the children when the pregnancy reaches full term.

The true genetic parents, however, are determined to take the matter to Court to try and uphold their claim to their children.

It appear this is not the first time this kind of tragic mishap has occurred in the world of IVF, but the Italian law which prohibits surrogacy could prove the hardest obstacle to overcome during any forthcoming legal proceedings.

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