Latest Search and Destroy Technique for the Unfortunate Human Embryo

By: Josephine Quintavalle


Ever earlier genetic tests on petri-dish human embryos are triumphed as progress in the media today even though the only outcome for those diagnosed as not good enough will be destruction.

It is claimed that pre-implantation tests on the human embryo that used to take months can now be successfully completed within two weeks.

The full story is here

One reads that tests can be performed even as early in embryonic development as 3 days when the human embryo is made up of around 8 cells, although usually it takes place when the embryo is composed of some 100 cells.

Who knows what the consequences of removing cells at this critical stage of embryo development might have on future growth?

Is this the best we can do in facing the reality of genetic disease? Simply kill the carrier?

Described today as an entry into ‘a golden age of genetics’ we wonder if eugenics might be a better word to describe this latest search and destroy technique.

It would be interesting to know how much progress is being made scientifically in actually trying to cure some of these conditions but we do know, thanks to the HFEA website, how many conditions are currently licensed for pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, whether earlier or later.

There are currently 322 conditions licensed by the HFEA, with 50 of the total added between 1 April 2012 and March 2013. 2 more are awaiting consideration.

They can all be viewed herePGD Conditions Licensed by the HFEA

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