Destruction in the Game of Life


A report has been released by the Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority on the adverse effects of in vitro fertilisation (IVF). It cites more than 1,600 incidents have occurred from 2010-2012. This means anywhere between 500-600 cases are being investigated every year in relation to IVF. The incidents are broken down into 3 classes– A, B, and C, with A and B pertaining to mishaps with the human embryo. As defined in the report, the incidents are as follows:

Grade A incidents, such as where a patient is implanted with someone else’s embryo, are investigated immediately upon it being reported, process including an on-site inspection, a report of which is passed the HFEA’s Licence Committee. (3 have occurred.)

Grade B incidents, for example where all of a patient’s embryos are lost, are investigated by the clinic, which then reports to the HFEA within 10 working days, after which the inspection team decides, on the facts, whether an inspection is required. (714 have occurred!)

Read the full governmental report here:

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