$3B Worth of Taxpayer Money on Stem Cell Research and No Patient Result

The US California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) currently wonders whether they will still be in business by 2017. The group, formed from a California voter initiative in 2004, has cost taxpayers $3 billion (£1.75 billion), making it the largest funder of adult and embryonic stem cell research in the world. While ten years ago voters were in favour of CIRM’s mission, they are much more hesitant now having not seen many positive results. Progress has been made for patients using adult stem cells, but the same has not been true for embryonic stem cells. In 2016, CIRM will again ask the voters to pay the bill for the research centre, but this time will ask for $5 billion (£2.92 billion) more. The citizens have become disillusioned with the costly project, as scientists ignore their most important question: how will this help me?

The full story here: http://www.nature.com/news/stem-cells-hope-on-the-line-1.15499

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