July 2014

The Human Embryo in Law: A World View

Rachel Jankowski, a second-year law student from the University of Michigan Law School in the United States, thanks to the generosity of the Blackstone Legal Fellowship, has just completed a summer internship with CORE (Comment on Reproductive Ethics). She was asked to create a table of international laws relating to the human embryo and to […] Read more

Tragic Mix-Up in Rome IVF Clinic

It would be beyond the wisdom of King Solomon to unravel and resolve a colossal IVF mishap that has been exposed in an IVF clinic in Rome. A woman is expecting twins from embryos that were implanted by mistake during IVF treatment, and are not genetically related to her husband and herself. The true genetic […] Read more

Wombs2Rent: French Give Thumbs Down

French opposition to womb renting (the exploitation of vulnerable women as surrogate mothers) has brought together allies from across the political spectrum, but not just in France itself. We recommend that you access the following links to read the distaste and negativity this lamentable exploitation of women has elicited in France, followed by statements of […] Read more

UK Government Report Published Today Ignores National and International Opposition to 3-Parent Embryos

By: Josephine Quintavalle Despite major public opposition to the creation of 3-parent embryos, the Department of Health’s Response to the recent UK consultation on Mitochondrial Donation is overwhelmingly supportive. Of the 1,816 individual responses, 1,152 opposed the introduction of the new regulations and perhaps half of the group responses were also not supportive, but the […] Read more

Man Who Spent Career Delivering Babies Saved by One

  Retaining the cord blood from newborns is saving lives. The news is welcome as cord blood contains stem cells that have been used for the treatment of more than 80 diseases, including leukemia. It is much easier than bone marrow transplants because it has nowhere near the same degree of tissue matching. Additionally, the […] Read more

Destruction in the Game of Life

A report has been released by the Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority on the adverse effects of in vitro fertilisation (IVF). It cites more than 1,600 incidents have occurred from 2010-2012. This means anywhere between 500-600 cases are being investigated every year in relation to IVF. The incidents are broken down into 3 classes– A, B, and […] Read more

Can Scientists Cure the Blind?

That is the question being asked today after it was discovered scientists may have developed a technique to recreate human corneas involving the use of limbal stem cells. These stem cells are necessary for good eyesight. This new process could help numerous people who have lost their sight. It has been tested on mice, and […] Read more