September 2013

event on the ethics of genetic testing, London

The organisers of this British Library event ask: “how far should we go in the quest for a ‘perfect’ baby?”. Chair: Dr Tom Shakespeare, University of East Anglia. Speakers: Dr Joyce Harper, UCL Centre for Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis Nick Meade, Genetic Alliance UK Professor Rosamund Scott, King’s College London Dr Alan Thornhill, Guys and St Thomas’ Assisted […] Read more

Down’s reversed in newborn mice

US researchers experimented on the Ts65Dn mouse which “recapitulates some major brain structural and behavioral phenotypes of [Down’s syndrome]”. They found that “a single treatment of newborn mice with the Sonic hedgehog pathway agonist SAG 1.1 (SAG) result[ed] in normal cerebellar morphology in adults.” [Science, volume 5, issue 201] If such postnatal therapy could be administered […] Read more