Adult stem cell market flourishes

If there ever was a real battle between the adult and the embryonic stem cell, it could well be nearly over, with the adult as always proving the winner.

As the UK embryonic stem cell lobbyists (not to mention those obsolescent enthusiasts for animal-human embryos!) continue to maintain their blindfolded denial of adult stem cell successes, yet again the pragmatic investment market tells a different story.

At a Stem Cell Summit in New York (Feb, 2008) , the spotlight was definitely on adult stem cells and only a minority of representatives argued from the embryonic stem cell corner.

One senior stem cell analyst stated confidently that virtually all of the therapeutic stem cells that are or will soon be commercialized are adult stem cells.
Some 11,000 people have been treated with adult stem cells in the past two years.

Some of the patient specific adult stem cells do not even require clinical trials, as they are tissue which has not been manipulated. Such an instance is, for example, breast stem cells used in reconstructive therapy after breast cancer.

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