February 2007

Animal/human hybrids? Who decides?

The public, the Government, the HFEA, Research Scientists or a journalist from The Times? The Times is back on the ball, with journalist Mark Henderson reiterating his overwhelming and unquestioning enthusiasm for the creation of animal/human hybrids. Opposition is pigeonholed yet again as coming from a minority albeit loud religious voice, as opposed to many […] Read more

£250 to die for? HFEA has a duty to patients not to science

It appears likely that the HFEA will endorse payment for human egg collection specifically for research purposes, following their September 2006 consultation, ‘Donating eggs for research: safeguarding donors’. The sum proposed is £250, significantly less than the value in kind available with the cut-price IVF scheme for sharing which the HFEA has already licensed. ‘Safeguarding […] Read more

Thank you, Sir Richard. Cord blood stem cells, yes!

Sir Richard Branson has announced today that he is launching a public-private umbilical cord banking initiative, which will greatly increase the availability of the extremely valuable stem cells which can be obtained after the birth of a child. Contrary to the comments that continue to appear in the media, CORE, like the majority of pro-life […] Read more