Frozen embryos – sad decision for mother

CORE expresses great sympathy for the plight of Natallie Evans and her six frozen embryos, and is deeply disappointed with the verdict from the European Court of Human Rights.

‘The immediate solution to this deeply moving story is for Natallie’s ex-partner to change his mind and assume responsibility for the embryos which he co-created. Such a gesture should be made both in a spirit of compassion for Natallie but also in recognition of the new lives which he willingly created in the first place and which carry his genes.

‘What is absolutely necessary is a total revision of the policy on the freezing of embryos. The situation Natallie finds herself in is no way unique in CORE’s experience. We have known a man who inherited frozen embryos on the death of his wife, or women who could not carry their own embryos themselves but were relying unsuccessfully on the possibility of finding surrogate mothers. They too have had to face the 5 year deadline along with other patients who have had equally dramatic solutions forced upon them and seen their embryos destroyed.

‘Only eggs or sperm should be frozen in any situation which is likely to mirror the above or other insecure cases. That way a huge amount of heartache and unpleasant controversy could be avoided. This is not a solution for Natallie but would surely avoid any repetition of her sad experience.

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