Stem Cell Research

  • The most recent international laws relating to the status of the human embryo can be found in this chart referencing what has been established to date in the individual countries that have already engaged in this area of law. International Laws on the Human Embryo (Updated 30/7/14)

    We know you will find this information useful and encourage you to keep us up-to-date on any future developments in various countries as they occur. This chart will continue to be a work in progress, and we rely on your assistance to ensure that this reference source continues to be as up-to-date as possible.

    • BBC on IVF cuts: Missed opportunity to educate on biology of human reproduction

      BBC Sunday Morning last addressed questions relating to IVF and Fertility   The discussion can be picked up at 39.48 minutes in.   Following the news of major cutbacks on NHS IVF provision in 13 areas of the UK ( ) it was hoped that the issues surrounding these decisions would have been addressed […]

    • Human Embryos - Controversial Genome Modification in US

      Worrying news is circulating worldwide concerning US claims to have ‘edited’ the genome of the human embryo to remove genetic mutations related to heart disease.   The controversial research, relying on manipulation of the delicate human genome, has not so far moved outside first steps in the laboratory so no manipulated embryos have […]

    • Aggiornamento importante sulla Conferenza a Milano: 28 Settembre 2017

      Aggiornamento importante sulla Conferenza a Milano : 28 Settembre 2017 VEDI LOCANDINA L'ingresso all'evento e' libero ma i posti sono limitati. E' necessario riservare il vostro posto mandando una e-mail con nome, cognome e occupazione all'indirizzo:

    • Important Update on Milan Conference: 28 September 2017

      Important Update on Milan Conference:  28 September 2017 VIEW FLYER An important  reminder about this forthcoming conference. Although the event is free it is still necessary to book a place if you wish to attend as space is limited. Please send your full name (and academic position if appropriate) to confirm your place at the conference to: […]