Stem Cell Research

  • The most recent international laws relating to the status of the human embryo can be found in this chart referencing what has been established to date in the individual countries that have already engaged in this area of law. International Laws on the Human Embryo (Updated 30/7/14)

    We know you will find this information useful and encourage you to keep us up-to-date on any future developments in various countries as they occur. This chart will continue to be a work in progress, and we rely on your assistance to ensure that this reference source continues to be as up-to-date as possible.

    • Response to 10 Minute Abortion Bill

      Women Deserve better than Abortion  … And borrowing further from the slogan of the great American Organisation, Feminists for Life, so too do their defenceless babies. With some 550 abortions taking place already every day in the United Kingdom, it is difficult at first sight to see how the pro-abortion 10 Minute Bill, approved in Westminster […]

    • 50th Anniversary of Abortion Act : BBC Radio Wales explores in depth the issues of abortion,12 March, 2017 Josephine Quintavalle, representing CORE and PLA was on a panel which also included Canon Stephen Saxby from 'Christians for Choice', and Dr Sandy Kirkman, Lecturer in Midwifery from the University of Glenmorgan. 'Hearing total endorsement of abortion from a clergyman was one of the hardest moments in this discussion’, said Mrs Quintavalle.  ‘I am […]

    • Josephine Quintavalle defends the absolute integrity of the human embryo in a debate on Radio Ulster

      With the first three-parent embryo licence issued by the HFEA to scientists in Newcastle, Josephine Quintavalle defends the absolute integrity of the human embryo in a debate on Radio Ulster: This can be accessed at 33.45 minutes into the programme.

    • Hollywood couple reveals the reality of IVF's consequences

      Hollywood actors and ex-married couple Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb are at war over two frozen embryos. Vergara, who is Catholic, refuses to allow the embryos to be brought to term with a surrogate mother; Loeb, who is not, insists that they have a right to life. That is what happens when you take the embryo […]