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Social sex selection? No, thank you very much.

Some members of the Joint Committee of the Lords and Commons, currently deliberating on the proposed Bill on Human Tissues and Embryos, have made a point of questioning witnesses on their position in relationship to pre-implantation social sex selection. Robert Key MP, Baroness Hollis and Lord Robert Winston continue to refer to the matter to […] Read more

Mother to daughter egg donation? Not a good idea

Last week there was considerable media focus on the story of a Canadian woman who is freezing eggs for future use by her 7 year old daughter who suffers from Turner’s Syndrome, a condition which is usually associated with infertility. One can understand the anguish of a mother in having to accept that her daughter […] Read more

Animal/human hybrids? Who decides?

The public, the Government, the HFEA, Research Scientists or a journalist from The Times? The Times is back on the ball, with journalist Mark Henderson reiterating his overwhelming and unquestioning enthusiasm for the creation of animal/human hybrids. Opposition is pigeonholed yet again as coming from a minority albeit loud religious voice, as opposed to many […] Read more

Older mothers pass on fertility risk

A study of women at a fertility clinic found that those who failed to become pregnant after treatment had older mothers than those who were successful. The researchers from Atlanta, advised that postponing childbirth had implications for future generations. Dr Peter Nagy, a fertility specialist, warned that the decline in quality of a women’s eggs […] Read more

Umbilical stem cells may aid lung research

Researchers at the University of Minnesota have derived stem cells from umbilical cord blood that can be differentiated into lung cells. It is the first time human stem cells have been differentiated into a cell called the Type II Alveolar, which helps stabilize the lungs while breathing. Professor David McKenna, Assistant Professor of Lab Medicine […] Read more

A feminist colloquium on reprotechnology

Feminist authors discuss modern reprotech, the physical risks to the female body, and broader sociological concerns on 3 May 2006 in the European Parliament, Room ASP 1A2, Brussels. Registration recommended but no fee for conference. Please register by post, telephone or email. CORE PO Box 4593 London SW3 6XE UK Tel: 0044 207 581 2623 […] Read more