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A week of adult stem cell successes successes

November : A Week In Adult Stem Cell Therapies (With thanks to Dr David Prentice & the Family Research Council) Liver Repair. Doctors at Imperial College, London, have shown treatment benefits from using adult stem cells collected from the patients’ own blood to treat cirrhosis of the liver. Three of the nine patients treated showed […] Read more

Making the HFEA accountable

(The following is an extended rationale of our Case against the HFEA. We are arguing for fair play.) The HFEA (Authority) was created to “carry out regulation with the purpose of maintaining ‘respect for human life at all stages’.” However, the Authority’s 18-year history of granting research licences demonstrates a disproportionate concern for the interests […] Read more

Scientific imperative trumps morality

Human Fertilisation & Embryology Bill Update : Ruthless scientific imperative trumps morality yet again in the United Kingdom There is nothing further we can do to combat the moral anarchy of The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill. Last Wednesday in the House of Lords, the last attempts to damage-limit this dreadful piece of legislation were […] Read more

Great britain dead?

Great Britain dead? ‘Long live the fox and thumbs down to the father and the fetus’. In recent years under the current Government, the mother of all Parliaments has dedicated 700 hours to protecting the fox from the hunters, with a triumph for the fox. In contrast this week a mere three hours were allocated […] Read more

Adult stem cell market flourishes

If there ever was a real battle between the adult and the embryonic stem cell, it could well be nearly over, with the adult as always proving the winner. As the UK embryonic stem cell lobbyists (not to mention those obsolescent enthusiasts for animal-human embryos!) continue to maintain their blindfolded denial of adult stem cell […] Read more

Tut! Tut! Dr Wilmut

The Times Higher Education, The Independent, and The Times have all followed up a story involving a Petition to Her Majesty the Queen to withhold the knighthood awarded in the New Year to the Scottish scientist, Dr Ian Wilmut. CORE recently congratulated Wilmut for turning his back on human cloning. The signatories of the Petition […] Read more

Animal/human embryos: The process of consultation

On September 5, 2007, at a public meeting of the Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority, (a fertility quango not to be confused with Parliament or any other democratic organisation) decided that they had authority in principle to issue licences for the creation of animal/human hybrids for research. The meeting was the culmination of a period […] Read more