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IVF children ‘face timebomb of poor health’ claims an evolutionary biologist from University of California

The Daily Mail, reporting from Washington DC, highlights the concerns of an evolutionary biologist, Dr Pascal Gagneux from the University of California, who warns that we have not even begun to assess worrying problems associated with assisted reproduction, and which may take decades to develop.   Concerns about a specific aspect of IVF practice, […] Read more

Surrogacy Romanticised

The issue of surrogacy was one of the focus points of the Family Day Rally in Rome last Saturday. Josephine Quintavalle recalls the story of one surrogate mother she counselled some years ago. This reflection highlights aspects of surrogacy which are rarely in the public domain. This particular mother regretted most sincerely what she had done and described […] Read more

The risks of editing genes in human embryos

An interview with Laura Gotti Tedeschi (Research Assistant at CORE) has been published today in the Italian online newspaper “Intelligonews” about the recent permission by the HFEA to edit the genome of human embryos for research. Click the link below to read the interview:

Two American Experts talk Human Genetics

Those following the various debates on editing the genome of the human embryo are encouraged to link to this excellent discussion between two American experts,  Associate Prof Paul Knoepfler from UC Davis School of Medicine and Prof Nathaniel Comfort from John Hopkins.

European Parliament speaks out against Surrogacy

The European Women’s Lobby (EWL) draws attention today to a Resolution adopted by the European Parliament expressing concern about women’s rights on a number of issues.  Whilst not agreeing with everything in the EWL statement CORE is nevertheless pleased to note the growing opposition to surrogate pregnancy which is recorded as follows: The EP Resolution […] Read more


Nuffield Call for Evidence on Human Genome-Editing :  Deadline 1 February 2016 Please  link urgently to the Nuffield Call for Evidence on Genome-Editing to be found at: We encourage you to submit comments, reflecting on the dangers and uncertainties involved in the proposed editing of the genes of the human embryo. The US Center for Genetics and Society […] Read more

Assisted human reproduction: worldwide legislation

CORE is currently researching national legislation worldwide covering specific aspects of assisted human reproduction where the focus is on surrogacy, eggs or sperm. We have currently prepared an overview for the first two issues and will be adding legislation dealing with human sperm in the coming weeks. Here are the relevant links so far:   Human Eggs […] Read more

No, I am not going to freeze my eggs

This article has been published on the online journal Voices In Bioethics on July 28, 2015 By Katarina Lee Tick-tock goes our biological clocks. A law professor who I admire greatly, only half-jokingly said to my class that the new gift for women graduating from law school would be our parents paying for us to freeze our […] Read more

Be aware of the big business of infertility

Christopher White, director of research and education at the Center for Bioethics and Culture Network, on the National Review Online today warns about the uncontrolled consequences of IVF, such as egg and sperm donation and surrogacy. White writes that after the birth of the first test-tube baby Louise Brown in 1978 reproductive technology “may be seen […] Read more