Ethical appraisal of the news surrounding development of artificial womb

As this research stands at the moment, it can be acknowledged as an attempt to save the lives of premature babies, which in itself is to be welcomed.  It could be described as an attempt to develop a much more sophisticated neonatal incubator than is currently available to be  used to extend our capacity to keep babies alive at an even earlier stage of prematurity.  

It is to be noted that the current research is limited to animal experiments and has yet to be applied to humans.  

If the research proves safe and successful in the future it should be used in humans only for genuine serious medical reasons and for the benefit of the unborn child, and never as a lifestyle substitute for natural gestation in the mother’s womb.  

Whatever the promise of these recent developments in helping us respond to genuine emergencies, it is certainly time to revisit ‘Brave New World’ and reflect seriously on Huxley’s prescient warnings.

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